7 Days of Giveaways Recap

In case you missed it, I am providing a quick recap of my 7 Days of Giveaways event that I shared on social media during the first week of my book launch. Below, you will find an assortment of bite-sized content from my book Knowledge-ABLE: Igniting a New Generation of Lifelong Learners.

DAY 1 of Free #Knowledge_ABLE Book Content

Students today need to be able to find and evaluate #CREDIBLE media sources to become informed citizens in a constantly evolving global society.

Consider using my CREDIBLE template to discern fact from fiction.

DAY 2 of Free #Knowledge_ABLE Book Content

Before any significant learning can occur, we need to believe in ourselves.

If we want our students to become knowledge-able, we need to help them build their self-confidence as a learner.

DAY 3 of Free #Knowledge_ABLE Book Content

Let’s help guide our students into Audacious Exploration as they pursue their learning goals.

If we are able to foster these conditions—#curiosity and #courage—then we will be setting them up for success.

DAY 4 of Free #Knowledge_ABLE Book Content

When students engage in making, tinkering, or building they don’t just make things—they make memories.

How might you promote purposeful play in your lessons so students can learn by doing, and have fun doing it?

DAY 5 of Free #Knowledge_ABLE Book Content

Consider creating areas of the classroom that are dedicated to different levels of thinking.

These can be physical spaces in the classroom or a shared digital space for students.

DAY 6 of Free #Knowledge_ABLE Book Content

Persistent Improvement is optimal for significant growth and learning.

Let’s teach our students that we can always improve our abilities with education, practice, and hard work.

DAY 7 of Free #Knowledge_ABLE Book Content

IQ and EQ are important, but students need a different set of skills to meet the demands of a rapidly-changing world.

A set of skills that determine their #learnability intelligence—their learning quotient (LQ).

For even more content, follow the #knowledge_ABLE conversation on social media, and visit the book website at www.knowledge-able.org.

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