In our September ‘Learning from a Distance’ webinar, we welcome “Knowledge-ABLE” author, Bradley Lands, who will guide parents in how to best develop lifelong learners. Please join us to hear Brad’s insightful perspective on learning, specific strategies for how to support 21st century learners, and inspiration on how we can best help our children become “Knowledge-ABLE.“

Dive into Brad’s inspiring journey from experienced educator to technology leader and gain practical insights into the evolving landscape of social media, technology, and educators’ pivotal role in shaping students’ ability to acquire information and skills needed to accomplish anything in life.

To thrive in a rapidly changing world, our students don’t need to just be knowledgeable, they need to become knowledge-ABLE. In this session, you will learn how to apply the ABLE Cycle to help your students become better learners to accomplish any task, and succeed in any environment.

Blog Posts

NAIS | Teaching & Learning

Creating a Culture of Academic Integrity

With the rise of ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence tools, it has never been more important for our students to learn how to responsibly curate and create content. Learn how teachers and administrators can help students develop modern information literacy skills.

Designed for Learning

How to Get Started with PBL

Whether you are a seasoned project based learning veteran, or you are a teacher who is interested in facilitating your first PBL unit, the information in this post will provide you with an opportunity to rethink your current teaching practices.

In my book, Knowledge-ABLE, I offer the CREDIBLE template as a learning tool to help students develop their skills in information literacy. This is a great starting point for asking guiding questions when fact-checking information on the internet.

Podcast Guest

Innovator’s Mindset Podcast,
S4 EP5

The Self-Publishing Journey

Bradley Lands joins this episode of The Innovator’s Mindset Podcast and talks all about his new book, Knowledge-ABLE: Igniting a New Generation of Lifelong Learners, how to use ChatGPT with students, and the journey of self-publishing!

Stronger Together Podcast,
S2 EP56

Stronger Together with Bradley Lands

In this episode Bradley Lands shares how students can become better learners in this rapidly-changing world that we live in today by applying the ABLE Cycle that he developed and shares in his new book Knowledge-ABLE.

The Partial Credit Podcast,

Lands of the Lost with Bradley Lands

This week, the boys are joined by educator and author Bradley Lands to discuss his new book, Knowledge-ABLE.