2023 IPPY Award Winner

In May of 2023, Knowledge-ABLE was awarded the Silver Medal by the Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPYs) in the category of Education (Commentary/Theory).

The IPPYs are one of the oldest, most established independent book awards that recognize the best independent, university, and self-published titles each year.

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“Throughout the pages of Knowledge-ABLE: Igniting a New Generation of Lifelong Learners, Bradley Lands shares valuable strategies to help improve learning for both students and adults. Lands does a tremendous job sharing background knowledge as well as actionable steps to bring this work to life in your school.”

BETH HOUF, 2022 NASSP Principal of the Year

Igniting a New Generation of Lifelong Learners

Our education system today is still largely measuring student achievement based on the amount of knowledge that students can demonstrate on high-stakes, standardized tests. However, the information and skills that are measured on these tests are no longer aligned with the current demands of a rapidly-evolving world. Because of this, students are entering our global society without the skills they need to be successful in life.

But we can overcome this problem by helping our students develop the necessary skills to become better learners. And by providing the right conditions, as well as fostering the learning process, we can enhance their ability to acquire new information and skills that are needed to accomplish anything they desire. Thereby, shifting the paradigm of education from one that is knowledgeable, to one that is knowledge-able.*

In Part 1, I make the case for a knowledge-able classroom by sharing stories, experience, and research that provide evidence to support the need to shift the process of learning to the forefront of education. In this section, I also identify and examine the art and science of learning and how it has contributed to some of the most innovative teaching practices to date.

Part 2 illuminates the conditions that amplify learning. In this section, I share how teachers can act as learning conditioners to help increase their students’ readiness to learn. This section also sheds light on compelling correlations between some of these conditions, in addition to how to use them to build your own capacity as a teacher, as well as a learner.

In Part 3 of this book, I share how to apply the ABLE Cycle to become knowledge-able. I also explain how educators can specifically use this framework to become independent, lifelong learners by teaching them how to learn more effectively. This section uses the power of real-world examples, strategies, tools, and resources to provide the advice, structure, and guidance needed to become a better learner.

Part 4 helps you look inward and outward so that you can take the necessary steps to become knowledge-able. I ask you to reflect on your own experiences, as well as the information provided in this book, to put the ABLE Cycle to work. I also encourage you to make a personalized action plan to integrate at least one of your takeaways from this book into your own teaching practice. I hope you will continue to apply the knowledge that you constructed from reading this book to accomplish your own personal goals, as well as helping your students to achieve theirs.

Praise for Knowledge-ABLE

“In Knowledge-ABLE, Bradley Lands provides plenty of fodder for deep thoughts about the future of learning and how to empower students to be independent and collaborative lifelong learners. He draws from theory, education leaders, and his own experience, empowering readers to think about their practices and try new things. Lands is transparent, and his own experience shines through in reflections and ideas you can try yourself.”

MATT MILLER, educator, speaker, and author of Ditch That Textbook

“Bradley Lands shares his expertise and experience starting with a raw and powerful story from his youth – all aimed at helping readers explore the nuances of maximizing learning opportunities. This book is written from an educator perspective but has applications for parents, coaches, and anyone looking to expand their potential for lifelong learning.”

JENNIE MAGIERA, best-selling author of Courageous Edventures

“All over the country, educators are working to reimagine their learning spaces to prepare kids for the world in which we are living. What Brad has done with this book is help all of us imagine those modern schools and modern classrooms.”

CHRIS LEHMANN, Founding Principal of Science Leadership Academy
and CEO of SLA Schools

“In the book, Knowledge-ABLE, Bradley Lands uses his power of words to reach many educators across this country and even the world. Reading it will cause many teachers’ passion and purpose to be reignited as they go forth serving children inside and outside of the classroom. His words are authentic and from the heart.”

ANTHONY SWANN, 2021 Virginia State Teacher of the Year

*The information offered in this book is grounded in empathy, backed by research, and provides readers with advice, guidance, and support to help students become independent, lifelong learners in our global society.